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Electric elevator control system
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Desmond system
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  • 電梯控制與驅動融合為一體,真正實現電梯的一體化控制
  • 同步及異步主機一體化集成控制
  • 直接停靠,運行效率高,短層自動識別學習
  • 控制主板與驅動主板組成雙CPU設計,電梯運行更加安全
  • 無稱重自動起動補償技術實現優異的啟動舒適感
  • 全系列內置制動單元,減少外配部件成本
  • 對應多種PG信號,支持常用各類編碼器
  • 配備安卓試車軟體,支援中(繁)及英文介面語系
  • 豐富的調試項目、監控菜單以及引導式的試車方法大大降低對試車人員的技術要求
  • 控制板和驅動單元可以分開安裝,距離達100米,佈局靈活
  • 符合GB7588-2003要求的靜態電流檢測功能
  • 大幅降低控制箱配件的材料成本


Desmond electrical was established in 2002, and is committed to research and development, manufacturing and integration of industrial automation products: includes up to international advanced technology of motor controllers, servo controllers and motors, hydraulic power systems, high torque of permanent magnet synchronous motor, hydraulic pumps, machines, computer systems, etc.
Meanwhile, Desmond electric to provide industrial automation system upgrade, customized design, synchronous development, technology transfer and automatic control project management services.
Extensive product line, Desmond electrical products to a wide range of industries: includes robots and manipulators, injection molding machines, die-casting machines, aluminum extrusion, rubber and plastic machinery, elevators, CNC machine tools, machinery, and so on.

10 sales and service company located in an important industrial base of China, overseas strategic partner in South Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Turkey, Iran, Russia and North America, these international divisions and strategic partners are Desmond customers with fast service.




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